But we certainly weren't to be down hearted -a few months later we were all off doing various Christmas shows-Jimmy and Guy at Chelmsford in "Puss in Boots",Stef at Lincoln, Danny at Bradford. I sad to say had one of the two  " infamous seasons"-best forgotten-and ironically it took a Newpalm "Aladdin" at Chelmsford to give me back my confidence and assurance that the good training, repertoire and reviews  I'd gathered,  ,prior to 2001 were not all in vain ! I spent the following year touring in a similar show-"The Real Monty" for David Graham and my dear friend and colleague Jan Hunt-and then cabaret act with a close friend of mine in Brighton, a commercial in Budapest, a follow up in Israel and a surprise revue- singing Noel Coward-all somehow inextricably dovetailed together and rounded off by "Aladdin" at Chelmsford-the first of many happy pantomimes for the  Newpalm family.

In early 2003-I was equally as busy-with more Brighton cabaret with my dear friend Jerome (check out his website-) another revue-featuring the magic of Broadway-which didn't quite dovetail as we'd hoped...........................

Most of the cast had kept in touch over the years gap-and a lot of them had come to see "The Real Monty"-so we knew that another tour was on the cards-but it was all very vague as to how long/where/with whom etc. Eventually-the dates came through and the rehearsal dates clashed with my revue that I'd agreed to. But-Stuart came to the rescue as he has on numerous occasions and arranged dance rehearsals when I couldn't be around and dialogue/scene rehearsals when I could.
We'd also heard that only half of us from the previous cast were in a position to re-sign. Jimmy was in a long run somewhere, both Andy's were busy and Caroline was unavailable-so we had a new Bernie,Glenda,Graham and Wesley-plus-two new ASM/covers-as Stef was now working extremely hard in other tours-particularly the UK tour of "Annie" in 2002-in which he excelled as ever.
I'd spoken to Guy and he was anxious that we'd be able to create the same "chemistry" and "hoped the new-comers fitted in with what we'd done before". At this-I didn't exactly argue or take him to task-but I re-enforced a maxim that we should all be aware of ; It is so much harder to come into a show when there is an established cast who've done it before-and it can be very daunting and frustrating for anyone new to bring that individual touch. OK-on bigger shows-(particularly west end/Broadway- you MUST follow the original direction /characterisation etc